Kenya national security strategy

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What did they perceive to be the threat then that they would one day come under the violent and racist rule of a King thousands miles away? The sources and Kenya national security strategy of threat I have just outlined can only be sighted and tackled by a state that is able to perform a set of inter-related functions that impact on the way threats are identified and dealt with.

I urge you to assess the extent to which we are able to carry out these functions in this meeting. Failure to regulate effectively leads to violent local and even inter-state conflict. This includes the environment, natural resources, and mitigating the negative effects of climate change.

First, is the legitimate monopoly on the means of violence: Terrorism stands out as a potent threat to national security due to its amorphous nature, destructive capabilities, potential to create internal armed conflicts and its use of asymmetric warfare to create panic and manipulate the government.

Constitution of Kenya

As provided for in our constitution, our people can participate in governance and help with security. It is imperative to increase our forest cover, and increase our innovations to grow the green economy.

There is no higher calling or responsibility that exists for us as the top public servants than to lead efforts to secure our people's lives, property, the country's territorial integrity, and the defence of our constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, on which is premised every other economic, social and political aspirations we have as Kenyans.

It is no exaggeration that there may even be dire threats that some of us regard as mere irritants. How can the state's pursuit of national security be protected from actors that may be drivers for other agenda? These plans and strategies have been largely informed by economic and development imperatives and they have served us well.

In fact, economic development is one of the strands that should be part of a national grand strategy. This clearly means that internal security and foreign policy are inextricably linked. Let me outline them briefly, and hopefully you can all give them a fuller interrogation in the course of the day.

We need national unity to have citizens who embrace their rights and duties in a way that does not produce permanent social or political ruptures.

Kenya Strategic Security Environment

Such a strategy today would have to be informed by the real and present reality of pervasive security threats that are framed by a constellation of factors.

They advise on the external implications of treaties, and coordinate closely with other national security organs. For some, security is a matter for the security sector alone, prudent utilisation of resources is for the Treasury, provision of infrastructure for transport and so forth.

In the meantime, it will mean that the politics of 'sharing the cake' by utilising ethnic mobilisation will continue and may lead to local conflicts with many fractures, that if unattended, will threaten us particularly during elections.

In fact, in many cases, each docket has worked as a silo without due regard to what the next is doing or the impact of its actions on the other.

Kenya: President's Speech On National Security Strategy

Delineation of citizenship rights and duties: This invites us all to think carefully about the management of new resources such as the newly discovered fossil fuels and minerals.

From this will flow the ability to direct all the elements of national power and the state in an effective, deliberate and focused manner.The National Security Strategy of the United States of America September The National Security Strategy of the United States • transform America’s national security institutions to meet the challenges and opportunities of the twenty-first century.

2 National Security Strategy. After Kenya’s independence, Somalia was a big security threats.

Kenya: President's Speech On National Security Strategy

After the president of Somalia, Siad Barre, was overthrown, Somali citizens fled their unstable country and entered Kenya. This affected Kenya’s national security. (1) National security is the protection against internal and external threats to Kenya’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, its people, their rights, freedoms, property, peace,stability and prosperity, and other national interests.

Build national capability by raising cyber security awareness and developing Kenya’s workforce to address cybersecurity needs. Foster information sharing and collaboration among relevant stakeholders to facilitate an information sharing environment focused on achieving the strategy’s goals and objectives.

National Cyber Security Strategy

Home National Cyber Security Strategy. National Cyber Security Strategy NATIONAL CYBERSECURITY STRATEGY. Important Links. News & Press Release; Upcoming Events; Kenyatta Ave., Nairobi, Kenya.

P.O. Box -Nairobi, Kenya. Telephone Contacts +. National Security Strategies National security strategy development and implementation is key to addressing regional, sub-regional, and national security challenges.

It is also a central component of security sector governance, supporting effective oversight of and accountability within African security sectors.

Kenya national security strategy
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